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Free Download Audition Ayo Dance Online Games

When the show singing in this fashion show, Dewi Sandra dress up clothes by using the concept of Papua and combined with knitted from Toraja. Dewi said that she learned to craft and culture of each region when he was no work there or holidays.
Dewi Sandra when met on the show 40 years Martha Tilaar in Plenary JCC, Senayan Jakarta, Tuesday (28 / 9) revealed that he learned to appreciate all the good works and creation of fashion, beauty, songs, belonging to the nation.
“My concept with Papua’s dress, and knitting is the original from Toraja, from my mother, I remember every area that I visited at work or vacation, I tried my take crafts and cultures, and learn to appreciate us,” he said. Game Story:
Welcome to the Audition AyoDance Town, a place where dance becomes the mainstay of their living inhabitants. The songs are always played in every place. And everyone moves in accordance with the beat song he heard.
Why dance become so popular in Audition AyoDance Town?
In the past, Audition AyoDance Town is not a popular place. Arid and barren land, as has no natural resources to be developed. Until one day, came a mineral researcher named Yodan CEA found new mineral resources on land. Minerals which later referred to as “DEN”
CEA Yodan get exclusive rights to this circulation of DEN. Later he also developed an arid and barren land into a new city. The city is named Audition AyoDance Town. DEN itself into the local currency of Audition AyoDance Town. But Yodan CEA DEN restricts circulation in the area. DEN population can only be obtained if they are able to demonstrate skill in dancing. This is because the CEA Yodan really like dance.
In a short time, rapidly growing Audition Town AyoDance becomes an attractive city with a population that is always trying to look unique. Broadcasting Station was established in the middle of the city to facilitate people in making dance battle.
Come and enjoy your time in Audition AyoDance Town ~ ~ AyoDance dance for life!
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